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Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

January 2020 News

New Year’s Eve.  Thanks to the 100+ people who made our 31st  consecutive Black Tie NYE night such an amazing event and such a fabulous way to begin 2020 with a BANG!  We hoped everyone enjoyed the fireworks, the popping of champagne corks and BIG BEN striking on the midnight hour!  Special thanks to Sheryl, our amazing friend and chef who excelled in producing the most sumptuous feast.  Thanks as always to our lovely Radlett Team, Simeone, Martyn, Ed, John and Spike for helping us to put together this amazing special night.  Guests eventually went to sleep at around 8.00 am the next morning and we had some appetising stories over breakfast the next morning!    Look out for spike’s (Radlett photographer) pictures on our gallery soon.

TIME FOR A CHANGE :  Updating of our Radlett Party Website. – Watch this space for an updated version of our popular party website coming SOON.


Email for private invites to all events to: janetlh55@hotmail.com/text on WhatsApp 07952 335811 – All emails and texts will be answered within one day.  NOTE;  All parties start at 9.30 pm until dawn.  Security gates close at 2.00 am.  No entry after this time unless notified beforehand

Friday 24th January 2020 – Couples/single ladies and selected single guys.  Newbies are welcomed on this night as are exhibitionists couples/bi-females, LGBT community.  These nights are also popular with threesomes and female/female couples.  Dress code is fetish, elegant, smart and casual.  Jeans and t-shirts plus trainers are discouraged.  Come dressed to impress.  pre-bookings are encouraged to allow for catering purposes.  Contributions: £50 single males/£30 couples/£10 single ladies.  Bring a bottle/light buffet provided as are towels for the swimming pool and sauna and hot tub.  Overnight stay is encouraged so to be drinking/driving aware.  Note: no alcohol is allowed in the pool area.  House rule “Let’s party until dawn”

Saturday 25th January 2020 – Couples and single ladies nights only.  “School Disco night”  Dress code is think St Trinians schoolgirls, sexy, stunning, lingerie, tuck shop, corporal punishment. Miss Jean Brodie’s girls…private schools all welcomed!  Eaton boys…the most impressively dressed couple will be promised free entry at the February party.  This will be by a special peoples’ vote. Contribution is £50 couples/£10 for ladies.


Friday 21st February 2020 – Couples/Single ladies and verified single males Saturday 22nd February 2020 – Couples and Single ladies night.  “Theme is 50 Shades of Red” – use your imagination!

Friday 27th March 2020 – Couples/Single ladies and verified single males Saturday 28th March 2020 – Couples and Single ladies night. “Mad Hatter’s Night!

Black room.  Universal feed back is that you preferred the low lighting to none at all so the ‘black room’ is dead – long live the ‘dimly mood-lit room’!

Dungeon – In the hands of our Fire Department still.  Declare any interest and we will work again and we will integrate your ideas.

You Tube.  ‘Radlett parties’ now brings up a cameo patchwork of broadcasts that we have been involved with over the years.  On that topic, Channel 4 on demand store programmes for an average of just 28 days.  Several months on, ‘Jon Richardson grows up’ is still online.  Keep it there by logging a few hits if you haven’t seen it already.

Smoking.  The law changed in 2005.  Smoking is now illegal inside any dwelling where the public are present – please note this applies to “the exotic puffs” as well.  There is plenty of room outside regardless of the dwelling’s ownership.  Some people who have been coming since before then have not modified their restraint accordingly.  That sends a message of defiance to others who follow suit and start to smoke inside.  Can anyone help identify a lady with an Irish accent quoted as blurting out: ‘I’ll smoke wherever the fuck I want’?   If anyone is smoking inside the house I will get a £20,000 fine and the parties will probably be finished.  So anyone seeing smoking inside the house has our authority to ask them to finish their smoke outside.  If they say ‘and who says?’, just reply ‘the web site says’.  Thanks.

Drinks going AWOL.  We have been full circle on this one.  In the early days we were reduced to checking bags to name and shame meanies who brought along just a half drunk miniature of lambrini.  That has been unnecessary for years but an average of one incidence of drink embezzlement now seems to happen each month.  For new year’s eve we introduced a staffed table to store and label drinks for people.  Not a success, so we will revert to low technology: a pen and sticky labels kept near the kitchen sink.  As belt and braces, any couple or single lady looking into my eyes as they claim such embezzlement and passing that polygraph test will be given a bottle from my cellar – ONCE.

Menu for the school  disco night:

Vegetarian bits

Hot Dogs,  Sausage & Onion, Rice Pudding

Homemade Apple Crumble with Creamy Custard./Jam Rolly Polly

Cheese board

Miscellaneous cakes and gateaux


Toast and coffee for the après party gossip breakfast

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