Radlett Adult Parties

Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

February 2017

Only 10% turnout. Around 1300 of you have so far asked to be on the newsletter circulation, but only 125 turned up to the inaugural Saucy School Disco at Radlett School for naughty girls. What on earth did the other 90% of you find to do that was as much fun? Do let us know so we can come and join you next time. Seriously though, the night was memorable without a sullen face to be seen. Strip twister was a hit. The school tuck shop raised a few pence for the headmaster ’ s cane replacement fund. The dinner ladies did warn us that the lumpy custard and semolina might not be a hit. They were right. Congratulations to the couple who won free entry to ‘ 50 shades of pink ’ next month for their fabulous costumes. Remember girls – what happens at school stays at school. There is no need to bother your parents with the details of one-on-one sessions with the PE master. His performance in the shower with you girls is the only thing in this school that ofsted are likely to rate as outstanding.

Reading the newsletter. I know I don’t study my incoming mail avidly, but I imagined our newsletter was absorbed with all the attention and assiduousness ascribable to English literature students. it was however noted that of the 25% of revellers who ducked the school theme, almost all were Radlett regulars who seem not have got beyond the front page of the newsletter. When Janet joins in a theme, you KNOW the theme is to be taken seriously. From here on in themes are going to get more serious. Expect aspirational venues throughout the land again to follow their leader.

50 shades of pink. We thought this was timely coinciding as it does with the launch of the film of similar title. Plenty of scope. Didn’t you just love the fliers? The couple most voted outrageously dressed will again win free entry to the following month’s themed party. Go for it.

Theme for March. The Easter connect is mad march hares (Alice in wonderland) and Easter bunnies. Literary history aficionados will have expected us to mark this is the 150 th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s seminal but murky work.
Fetish. Our research team are running into the tribal swinger-phobic outlook of a hard core of cerebrally challenged fetish stalwarts. I recall Alan (then with Tina and alive) taking on a similar polarisation between swingers and naturists when he took over Eurica. He prevailed. So shall we.

Themes on Fridays. Conventional wisdom is that testosterone swamps any interest in the finesse of of themes on couples and singles nights. However, to test that hypothesis, we aim to prepare the props etc. For the Saturday parties ready for the night before. If people do join in, then that’s fine. If not, nothing lost.

Stardom for 20 somethings.  The bbc have written to us asking if we know of any couples in their twenties who could contribute to a documentary on swinging.  Janet and I have been told that sexual prowess, athleticism and incisive wit are not enough – you actually have to have been born after 1984.  In our experience the filmees can influence what gets shown so don’t be too shy.  They would use this venue.

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