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Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.


“Is this good to go??????” — Ed Guy
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April   2018 -Newsletter coming soon!

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Radlett Parties Newsletter April 2018 NEW EDITION COMING SOON – WATCH THIS SPACE……  

 Much of this material will also be uploaded to www.radlettparties.net for those who prefer our website to newsletters.  Also, because readership falls well short of 100% each month, matters of lasting relevance stay in the newsletter more than one month.

FRIDAY 27.4.18  – Couples/single females and pre-booked single guys

Saturday 28.04.18 – Couples/single females ONLY.  “BOLLOYWOOD COMES TO RADLETT”

To see a short YouTube video giving a flavour of these past  December events at Littlecroft, please search for ‘Xmas & New Year 2017 at Radlett Parties!’  Pay special attention to Sheryl’s unsurpassed theatrical buffet presentations.

A reminder of Summer.  Finally, a long-standing ‘Friend of Radlett’ did come forward to stitch together the virtual garden tour videos shot in the height of summer.  View it on YouTube as ‘Littlecroft Virtual Garden Tour for YouTube’. 

It lightens the spirit in these short, miserable December days.  Have a peek and look forward to barbeques and secluded shady spots around this Garden of Eden next summer.


Postscript to the 3CR YouTube interview.  It is over 3 years since Jonathan Vernon-Smith of 3 Counties Radio interviewed me for broadcast.  His YouTube interview can still be found with the tag  ‘JVS discovers swinging’.  However, perhaps because his audience is mostly housewives, he demurred from uploading the more powerful material.  We have recreated the missing Q & A’s on YouTube here:-  Richard Stanley INTERVIEW PT 1’

and here:-  ‘Richard Stanley INTERVIEW PT 2’

I’m not sure that they will win me a place at theological college, but stranger things have happened.  I am however expecting to be invited to address next years Parrot Fanciers Convention!


Dance Music.  The Taliban pull out the fingernails of those found playing unreligious music.  In contrast I graciously permit a core playlist of 107 dance tracks without calling for the torturer’s pliers.  These tracks have been analysed over many years research to exhibit low rhythmic auto-correlation.  That is to say, the beat has pattern interrupts.  This is the antithesis to mindless pap such as ‘una paloma blanca’ with its beat simple enough for holiday makers to follow after several bottles of tequila.  Like a fine painting where the spaces between form are important, a fine dance track challenges the cranial cortex by having pauses that test rhythmic interpretation.  That said, unrest is being registered on the dance floor by some guests having the temerity to contest this benign edict.  By way of an armistice, we will use best endeavours to play any favourite dance tracks emailed to us in good time, provided the sender commits to perform cabaret to those tracks when they are played!

Iconic Bums.  Rising to the challenge of the author’s photo of Janet’s bum on the iconic RP banner, our professional party photographer has offered to photograph same for any lady that asks.  Unless the sitter has an obviously unique figure, the pose would be totally anonymous.  The lady can choose what to do with the result.  Options include a guest appearance on our next banner, being posted to the site gallery headed ‘slip into something hot’ or just keeping it to herself.  We can supply the baby oil and a private room for the shy ones….


Human smorgasbord.  We have been asked to revive the practice of a lady on the dinner table concealing grapes about her naked person, amidst whipped cream, bananas etc. for a lingual treasure hunt by the other guests.  The winner is the person to present the well-hidden red grape on their tongue.  If you or your partner are cunning linguists and would enjoy that type of attention, do let us know.

 Themes.  After two years of non-stop themes, the message from our regulars was that four themed parties per annum is the best compromise.  These are usually NYE Masquerade Ball, Valentines, Halloween and Back to School.  We hear murmurings that you might enjoy more.  The three permanent members of the frivolity council are pretty much fully stretched on maintaining the facilities and fabric of the venue, the food and social media.  Please step forward any couple who have an idea for a theme that they can manage to fruition.  Any props necessary will be cheerfully funded.  You would be awarded the status of honorary members of the frivolity council! 


Radlett Parties Secret Facebook.  Sometimes we have stuff to communicate that the great unwashed are not yet ready for!  Contact Janet if you want to be enrolled, by text only, please, giving your name(s) and e-mail address.


Twitter.  I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century (1 more to go) by my IT insultant.  He tells me that a yellow haired over-weight misogynist is given to retweeting inflammatory material to 600m followers.  Advice please on how to be (even more) inflammatory.  Oh for a muse of fire that would not ascend the brightest heaven of 140 characters.  Follow Radlett Parties through @PartiesRadlett.


Photography by hosts or guests is disallowed at our parties out of respect for guest’s privacy.  That includes by smart phone, though we are not draconian enough to confiscate phones if seen in use for texting – we realise some guests need to be accessible by baby sitters etc.  However, we accept that some guests often like photographs of themselves, especially when they have gone to considerable effort to dress up.  With this in mind we retain an in-house photographer for the themed parties.  His purpose is two-fold.  Firstly, to take photos of guests at their request.  These will be emailed to them free of charge with the identity of any background people suitably obscured.  They will of course need to leave the photographer with an email address!  Secondly, to take photographs that can be used to promote future events so that guests get ever fuller parties with thereby more choice of co-revellers.  These are generally wide-angled views and will have any recognisable faces or features obscured before they are used publicly.  Any people who might be identifiable by unique features – such as being eight feet tall – will have their permission sought beforehand.


We realise several of our guests are quite open about their participation in the swinging lifestyle.  If this is the case, please let us know if you are happy for your image to be used either in private online groups e.g. Fabswingers and secret Facebook groups or secondly on publicly available content such as the Radlett Parties website.  Thanks!

We hope, nay EXPECT, to see you soon!

 Janet and Richard

Contact us by e-mail at janet.radlettparties@outlook.com
or by text to (07986) 288580
Please view our website at http://www.radlettparties.net for the answers to most questions.

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