Radlett Adult Parties

Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

Reviews from guests 2019 – 2020

by Meeting in person

I’ve not encountered a better party venue in my 10 years of swinging. I’m girding my loins as I had the privilege of having sex with Sir Richard of Radlett himself. Returning to a Manor-Born as an unashamed HOT-wife is such thrilling anticipation & know I won’t be disappointed.
1 November 2019
by Meeting in person

We love these relaxed, naughty parties! Excellent food and hosts , probably need a few more recent songs to dance to on their fabulous dancefloor,but that’s just our preference! Attendees know how to have a good time and are respectful.  If you haven’t been you must try them, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks to J&R for providing such a brilliant evening. See you at the next party xx C&D
31 October 2019
Rating: Great
I have visited this venue on a number of occasions. It’s a great place to socialise with its large heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna.  Ample off street parking so good if you travel by car. The only negative for me were the fact that they have no lockable rooms for privacy.

Date: 16 December 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Last visit here was New Year’s Eve last year and had a fantastic time, looking forward to this year’s event – BYOB, great Buffet and hog roast, heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Disco and lots of opportunities to play with like-minded couples…Roll on the 31st.

Date: 12 December 2019
Rating: Fun
Nice relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Great way to let your hair down chill out and get in the mood. A place where the night is young into the morning and oh yes food just tops the bill . Music keeps you swaying and some delicious entertainment makes you want to go back for more

Date: 9 December 2019
Rating: OK
Halloween night
A great party a great nite would highly recommend!!
See ya next month!!

Date: 4 November 2019
Rating: Fun
We love these relaxed, naughty parties! Excellent food, attention to detail and lovely hosts $-) We feel they probably need a few more recent songs to dance too on their fabulous dancefloor, but that’s just our preference!
Attendees know how to have a good time and are respectful. If you haven’t been you must try them, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks to J&R for providing such a brilliant evening. See you at the next party xxC&D

Date: 31 October 2019
Rating: OK
Fabulous evening with a twist.
Halloween at its finest, everyone made an effort dressing up to their chosen character. We had a tipple with Janet & Richard (Muscat wine from Calais)
Followed by drinking homemade liqueur/Vodka with 53+ Russians.
As the night unfolded there was plenty of fun to be had by all.
Halloween decorations & fantastic food available.
This was definitely one of the busiest Radlett party’s we have attended..
Was really nice to see regular & new faces. DJ had a good selection of music and kept the dance floor full throughout the night.
Thank you Richard & Janet for another fan fabulous spooktacular party xx

Date: 28 October 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Always the best… see you next month xx

Date: 27 October 2019
Rating: Fun
Went 2 RadlettParties Halloween party good turnout of ppl chatted 2sum really nice russian girl sum amazing costumes loved the holograms had a gr8 nite roll on next party n cnt wait 4 the new yrs eve party.

Date: 27 October 2019
Rating: Fun
Nice evening – a warm up before the big event tonight so quieter then I had hoped .. but genuinely lovely setting and people

Date: 26 October 2019
Rating: Fabulous
We had another great time at Radlett.
My wife enjoyed dressing up as a police officer. She loved the photo session and it helped others to get in the mood.  Yes the place could be busy but the next one is going to be a sexy Halloween party. Can’t wait xx

Date: 2 October 2019
Rating: Fabulous

Went 2 radlettparties on friday and saturday had fun in the pool both nites amazing food both nite amazing ppl both nite has fun chattin 2 sum couples we know,richard n janet r gr8 hosts the heros n villians party was good loads of ppl dressed up the 007 guest was good with his white suit and his guy we had sum gr8 photos taken as well from john n lisa

Date: 29 September 2019
Rating: OK
Had a great party last night lots and lots of friendly faces and the party went off with a bang(s) love coming to Radlett…

Date: 29 September 2019
Rating: Fabulous
I had the pleasure of visiting Radlett in the past and have enjoyed it thoroughly.
The venue is amazing and the hosts friendly and helpful. Need to make time for their BWFC if my schedule allows

Date: 24 September 2019
Rating: Fabulous
We been goin 2 radlettparties since feb this year we always go on a friday na saturday the house is amazing along with the pool n hot tub there’s amazing food thanks 2 Cheryl on a Saturday and amazing food done by Janet on a Friday, Richard and Janet r amazing hosts amazing ppl and very friendly and make u feel very relaxed, we had the pleasure 2b invited 2 a private party on sunday by richard and janet and loved it.  it was a party 4 300 ppl its deffo a place 2 go 2 4 a gr8 party and any1 wanting 2 hire the place 4 private parties it’s well worth doing cant wait till the next party

Date: 26 August 2019
Rating: Fabulous
My wife and I had our first visit to Radlett party.  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We loved the social side of this place.  Also having somewhere to dance certainly made a change. Plenty of well-dressed sexy people around us all night!
Highly recommended this place.

Date: 25 August 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Went here for the first time last night. Great venue and friendly hosts. A really relaxed atmosphere making it easy to chat and play. Definitely want to return.

Date: 25 August 2019
Rating: Fun
Went to our first party at Radletts with friends and had a relaxed and enjoyable evening. Looking forward to going to the next party.

Date: 25 August 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Our first visit to Radlett and we loved it . Lovely Atmosphere, very nice crowd , great hosts especially Simba ( the most handsome boy in the house, sorry Richard ) . We will definitely become regulars ! Thank you for a wonderful evening !
Annie & Sam

Date: 28 July 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Visited for the first time at Caribbean Theme Party. All the guests dressed to impress and R & J have a fabulous home . Amazing pole dancing ; my lady partner loved it. The pool was gorgeously warm; we played ourselves there. All the play areas were busy and fun. We meet some lovely people and would highly recommend it to others.

Date: 28 July 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Attended Radlett Carabian party last night the 27th.
Absolutely fabulous fun & sexy.
Lots of new & old faces.
Hot swimming pool & jacuzzi.
Pole dancer & wonderful food.
Many happy returns to the lady of the house.
Thanks to all that was involved that made it a wonderful evening.

Date: 28 July 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Another wonderful Saturday night at RADLETT with a good mix of lovely couples. Not forgetting the gorgeous Janet and Richard fabulous night thx. The club was spotless and looking good and it was great to see everyone Caribbean summer night playing from dress down time through the end of the night. Thanks to everyone we played with and chatted to. See you next time Emmy and Luca xx

Date: 28 July 2019
Rating: Fabulous
Amazing surroundings great house and plenty of areas
to play in. Pool and jacuzzi.  Obviously the owners showed us around and the WIFE has OCD lol.  great hosts .thanks to them and helen

Date: 21 July 2019
Rating: Fabulous
We visited for the first time at the Summer Ball. All the guests dressed to impress and R & J have a fabulous home and we’re both wonderful hosts. The pool was gorgeously warm and the play areas busy and fun. We meet some lovely people and would highly recommend it to other couples.

Date: 8 July 2019

103 comments on “Reviews from guests 2019 – 2020

  1. Phil
    February 16, 2018

    You will not meet a nicer host and Janet people are ghost this club are really lovely people we travel 90 miles each way to go to this club and love the whole place all the people that come now so friendly and have a great evening

  2. Leigh
    February 18, 2018

    Please can me and my partner attend on 28th April. We are daddysgirl2018 from club Aphrodite site? We would love to meet you and attend

    Looking forward to your response
    Kind regards
    L and R

    • radlettpartiesuk
      February 18, 2018

      Coincidence! Just tried to answer you on UK swingers but got blocked by their mean outlook. What busy lives you must lead not to be able to make a party here for three months! We look forward to welcoming you both on April 26th. If you send your email address I will send you the newsletter. Can you stir up that UK swingers community for us? All they want to do is talk!

    • radlettpartiesuk
      February 18, 2018

      hi leigh. i thought i had just sent you a 4 line reply. did it get to you?

  3. Cassie
    February 27, 2018

    Well where to start….. our 1st time engaging in anything like this and i must say both myself and my partner thoroughly enjoyed it, nerves (and alcohol) took over at times but we were made to feel very comfortable and welcome, will 100percent be coming again, this time less nerves (and alcohol lol)
    Janet it was an absolute pleasure to have met you and look forward to seeing you hopefully in march and Richard i look forward to.seeing more of you 😉
    Thankyou for an amazing night, and the words “can only get better” spring to mind xx

  4. Roy Eccleston
    March 2, 2018

    I would like more details

    • radlettpartiesuk
      March 2, 2018

      Hi Roy. Ask any questions that aren’t answered on the web site.

  5. Chrissie
    March 28, 2018

    Hi I’m a 52 yr old woman 😊 but lacking fun ! I would love to come to one of your parties but I would be on my own ? Are single women welcome?
    I will admit I would be nervous as this would be my first time at this sort of event, but hey life is short and I’d like to explore into new things !

    • radlettpartiesuk
      June 21, 2018

      Did you come? What can we do to get you re-involved? Loads on this weekend.

  6. Firoz
    June 19, 2018

    Dear sir, any job going on in your house party for 36 years old Asian guy. I have huge hospitality experience in hotel industry.

    • radlettpartiesuk
      June 21, 2018

      If we can cost justify such an employment we will contact you.

  7. J /C
    June 25, 2018

    Had a great evening (Friday 22 June 18) a very friendly bunch ,the host J&R very welcoming and was ever thing I had read by others. And hope to be invited back some time soon .

    • radlettpartiesuk
      June 25, 2018

      Hi J/C Thanks for your kind words. Can you write a verification on fabswingers and definitely you are invited back again for another interesting Friday night at Radlett…

  8. Michael
    July 25, 2018

    I would love to attend with my partner she is 37 I am 45 both very sensible and not big drinkers and definitely no drugs she is a cute Size 12 with a lovely figure I am slightly portly but handsome and clean and very well dressed, We have been together for a year and I work in firefighting she is a senior nurse hope to hear from you we are a very open couple x

    • radlettpartiesuk
      August 18, 2018

      Hi Michael, why not come to our weekend parties either Frid 24th August for couples, single females and pre-selected guys or our Saturday 25th August “Back to Skool” night for couples and single ladies only.

  9. Shirley
    July 25, 2018

    I settle down on the sofa with a bag of Maltesers, hot cup of coffee, Al Green playing away in the background and open up my email. That’s how I enjoy the newsletter…..Bliss

    • radlettpartiesuk
      July 25, 2018

      Hi Shirley. You sound fun. Might we see you here this weekend?


  10. Christine and Dave
    June 25, 2019

    what a beautiful home and excellent party the lovely hosts Richard and Janet do every month, we have been going for a year now and have never looked back, so to many more happy times, we look forward to the next couples party. Thankyou R@Jxx

  11. Michael Dunsdon
    August 8, 2019

    Hiya! Would love to attend one of your parties as a single gent, possibly September. I’m relatively new to the scene, but I have heard so much about Radlett and it’s certainly one I would relish attending. Michael, Croydon.

    • Richard Stanley
      January 7, 2020

      Hi Michael

      Firstly, many apologies for not picking up your enquiry before now. Hopefully the info below will answer all your questions.

      Single guys at Radlett parties. Thanks for your interest in attending soon. The next one is on 24/1/2020. We find the most comfortable ratio is one single guy per lady or couple so target that. However, noshows are usually gender skewed so the actual ratio can vary from that target. On more than one occasion we had more single ladies than single guys. The reverse is more common. We are much more interested in the parties being enjoyable than door contributions. It is usual to turn down dozens of guys each month to achieve that ratio. However we are not procurers and make no undertakings that noshows won’t skew the ratio. That is beyond our control. One guy once asked for his contribution back because no ladies fancied him. To have done so would be illegal as it would accept our selling access to intimacy which is the offence of ‘living off immoral earnings’. If that could be you please go somewhere else. Loads of bukkake venues will be happy to perform a walletectome on you in return for access to paid prostitutes. This gender balance is tough to achieve if people don’t come when they say they will. So please answer the following questions seriously and not just as an ‘options collector’. We look forward to receiving back your answers if you can share the risk of missing the target ratio with us and can budget the £50 contribution to enormous wear and tear of our £5m home.

      To target the gender ratio we rank applicant guys according to the types the ladies and couples have asked for in the current month and send out invitations according to that ranking as the couples and ladies commit. We understand if some guys have made other plans by then but this is better than accepting dozens of guys before there are ladies and couples to match. So please don’t send irritable texts chasing us for an invitation. Doing it our way reduces the chance of male overload. Because noshows wreck parties those who can prepay online get precedence. Your submission of answers to the appended questionnaire signifies application to join the party and acceptance of these terms of entry:

      The owners use all reasonable endeavours to target a comfortable gender ratio but will be held blameless if noshows cause that target to be missed.

      Guests undertake not to vandalise any part of our home for any reason (yes they have done that).

      Guests shall behave in a manner to be welcomed back and shall accept the hosts remedy for that not happening without question.

      Guys must be prepared to bring their partners here when they next have one. Our home is not a brothel for guys to join with who they consider to be ‘fallen women’.

      Even though you may have already given some of the following please help us by grouping all in your reply and attach a facial photograph.

      Do you accept the above terms of entry?
      been before?
      how long ago?
      In what % of commitments to party do you actually show?
      are you prepared to pay in advance by bank transfer (doubles chance of being invited)?
      country of cultural origin?

      We look forward to hearing back from you.


  12. Millie
    September 2, 2019

    My partner and I are looking to come to a party soon. When is the next event?

  13. Kqueenxx
    November 17, 2019

    Are single women welcome to Radlette? Do you do offers on groups? Look forward to hearing from you xx

    • Richard Stanley
      January 7, 2020

      Hello K

      Many apologies for not responding to your enquiry before now. Xmas/New Year was hectic here!

      Yes, single ladies are most welcome to our parties. We ask for a nominal contribution of £10 per lady, to cover our running costs, wear and tear, depreciation and food, which we think is fair. How many do you envisage bringing?

      There is a Singles event on Friday 24th January 2020, and a Couples Only Event on Saturday 25th January. Please let us know what you wish to attend.

      Looking forward to meeting you!

      Richard & Janet xx

  14. Paul
    November 23, 2019

    Hi there I know that tonight is couples and single ladies however just thought I’d ask if there’s any chance I could come along this evening. I ve only been to your place once two years ago when I came with another couple. I live in New Zealand and am only here for another week before flying home, I had a wonderful time last time with the pool spa bath and big room upstairs.
    I’d be very grateful if you could extend an in us to me, thanks.

  15. Antonio
    January 7, 2020

    Hi. Couple questions, are you guys youth friendly as I’m 23 years young. I love woman who are older than me and I’m also in LS in Canada. 2nd question is any events on in the near future? If so how many people do you guys get?


    • Richard Stanley
      January 7, 2020

      Hello Antonio
      We have no age restriction – so long as you are 18+, there is no discrimination here. Our dates for future parties are listed on the website. Are you serious about attending an event in England? It is a long way to fly for a party!
      R & J

    February 11, 2020

    Hi,I have just moved to Radlett from Liverpool.Recent widower.Would love to attending when you next have an evening.I am a retired business man and would agree to all your terms.
    Look forward in hearing from you.
    Ray Benson

    • Richard Stanley
      February 14, 2020

      Hello Ray
      Thanks for the enquiry. I would ask you to read the Singles section of the RP website carefully. In numerical terms, it is much easier to get on the guest list for a Couples Party, so do try to show any potential partner our website and take the plunge together..
      I have put you on the Newsletter list, so look out for this in the next few days, and make sure that it is not designated as Spam…
      R & J

  17. Chester
    February 18, 2020

    Hello Janet. I have been receiving your email posts for sometime and was wondering about the possibility of attending one of your parties. I am not gagging to have wild sex, but wanted to experience an adult party. I am single just for the record
    Your thoughts please


    • Richard Stanley
      February 20, 2020


      Thanks for your message.

      Please read the website carefully, since it has party dates & the answers to most questions, including yours. If your are genuinely serious about attending a Singles party on a Friday (4th weekend of the month), please call us to book a place on (07986) 288580.

      Please do NOT book a place if you are not totally committed to coming, since your absence will upset the gender balance!

      All the best

      Richard & Janet

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