Radlett Adult Parties

Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

Upcoming dates – JULY/AUGUST/SEPT 2019


FRIDAY 26 JULY   – Couples/single ladies/pre-selected single guys

SATURDAY 27 JULY    – Couples/single ladies only- Theme for this exclusive party is “CARIBBEAN NIGHT OF FUN” with special guest lap/pole dancer extraordinaire Kerri and Janet’s Summer birthday……This is one party we want you to really enjoy “weather permitting” – Beach/island clothing permitted, colourful shirts etc.  limbo dancing, rum punch, socca and reggae music to make the night a very happy memorable one… ….Places available now… book in before the night  ..So come and party with us…Champagne and rum punch cocktails anyone? Email us for a private invite… Free hot and cold finest Caribbean buffet on the night…

The house rule is that couples who arrive together should also leave together during a party. Please note that in the event the female partner leaves the party at a couples only event, it is expected that the male goes with her and cannot under any circumstances remain alone. Single females are an exception to this rule, and can arrive and leave alone if they wish. …. bring your own drinks…hot buffet feast provided on both nights.

Friday 23rd August – Couples/single ladies and select pre-approved single guys

Saturday 24th August – Couples/single ladies night only – “Back to School“.  Get those school uniforms washed and ironed.  The headmaster/& headmistress will be expecting you to all arrive on time looking naughty and ready for action!  Mathematics and History geniuses all welcomed!!!!  Detention for anyone late on arrival!!

Friday 27th September – Couple/single ladies and pre-selected guys’ night

Saturday 28th September  Couple/single ladies night only Theme is “Heroes & Villains”  Superman and Superwoman will be here to welcome you along with all their super heroes friends….Hot and cold buffet at the ready …….let’s all get freaky!!!


People are now swayed by the number and identities anticipated at upcoming parties. So if you have a profile name on any swinger sites, please feel free to declare them so your friends know where to find you.

18 comments on “Upcoming dates – JULY/AUGUST/SEPT 2019

  1. Paul & Naomi
    May 24, 2014

    It’s been far too long since our last visit, hopefully see you later.
    Paul & Naomi 🙂

  2. Andy
    May 24, 2015

    Hi Janet & Richard, Thanks so much for allowing 2 newbies into your house for our first ever party. We had an amazing time and were disappointed that we couldn’t stay over for the Saturday. We will return in June without fail and hopefully Gail and I will get to meet a lady playmate. Although we were both so nervous your other guests made us so welcome. Thanks again for one of the most amazing nights that we have ever had.

  3. Christina
    March 20, 2016

    Hi again, could you please let me no how much it is for couples entry fee? X

  4. Kim campton
    June 9, 2017

    Hello to you both we’ve just had alook at your website and it looks amazing and certainly something we’d love to attend. We’re new to the swinging scene, but definitely loving it all so far. If we could be added to your email list that would be great. Looking forward to attending a night soon
    Kim & Brett

    • radlettpartiesuk
      October 20, 2017

      Thanks for your message.  We look forward very much to seeing you both from 9:30 next weekend.  I have put you on the newsletter to give you more details.  Please tag it to stop it going to junk in future.


  5. Ramon Graham
    July 25, 2017

    Would love to.come to one of your parties. O have a friend who.would love to.attend. She is particularly into bukakkea and wonder if this is anything you have ever done?
    Take care

  6. Dean & Tanya Shepherd
    October 22, 2017


    We may be interested in coming along on a Friday 27th are you able to tell me if this is possible? We are very new to this scene!

    Thank you

    • radlettpartiesuk
      October 27, 2017

      we look forward to seeing you this evening.

  7. Susan
    October 31, 2017

    Hi , we would really like to come along to your party on the 25th November. We are coming from london and would like to stay at the house . How can I book that with you? It will be our first time at Radlett party and looking forward to joining in the fun!
    Best wishes
    Sue & Steve

    • radlettpartiesuk
      November 1, 2017

      Thanks for the message Sue and Steve. All necessary booking is done. Hopefully you will enjoy it enough to book into the big one – New Year’s Eve. Let us know if you change your mind.


      • Sue
        November 1, 2017

        Hi Richard
        Thanks very much for booking us in for the 25th Nov …forgot to ask how much for the room and party?
        Thanks so much
        Best wishes
        Sue & Steve

      • radlettpartiesuk
        November 15, 2017

        Hi Sue and Steve.  Thanks for your message.  Parties are not a business for us, but to address the costs and maintenance (just spent over £10k on mandated fire regs) we suggest couples contribute £50 on Saturdays.  There is no bar to fleece anyone, so bring whatever you like drinking.  We very much look forward to meeting you both.

  8. Laura saunders
    November 4, 2017

    Interested in November dates. Could you please provide a price for a couple.

    • radlettpartiesuk
      November 15, 2017

      Hi Laura.  Thanks for your message.  Parties are not a business for us, but to address the costs and maintenance (just spent over £10k on mandated fire regs) we suggest couples contribute £50 on Saturdays and £30 on Fridays.  There is no bar to fleece anyone, so bring whatever you like drinking.  We very much look forward to meeting you both.

  9. Colin
    July 28, 2018

    Hi , I’ve regularly been reading about your venue (and heard from other swingers) I’m very keen to find a comfortable but exciting place to visit with my bi curious g/f who is 54 from Latvia. We are both very clean been told quite attractive and enjoy the social side as much or more than the physical side of meeting new people .

    • radlettpartiesuk
      August 18, 2018

      Hi there, next couples/single females and preslected single guys is Friday 24th August. Sat 25th August is for couples only and single females with a theme “Back to Skool”. let us know if you want to come. We have just returned from a three week holiday abroad in Europe..

  10. Anna
    August 2, 2018

    Hi, when will August event dates be available to view online please?

    • radlettpartiesuk
      August 18, 2018

      Hi Anna. We have just returned from a 3 week holiday abroad. Dates are on website now. Friday 24th August for couples and singles and Saturday 25th August for couples and single females only.

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